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6 utilities for manipulating GIF files

Contained in this package are six GIF utilities.

GDIR : Program to display info about all GIF files in a directory or of the GIF files specified on the command line such as size, number of colors used, and presence of a global color map

CHK4GLTE : Program that checks all GIF files in the current directory on the presence of the GIFLITE header

STRIPHDR : Program that strips the GIFLITE header of all specified files (This is only possible with the REGISTERED version of GIFLITE, so that's no reason to register anymore)

GIFPALET : Program that shows all colors that are used in the specified GIF file on screen

GIFBGRND : Program that sets the background color of a GIF file. GIFPALET can be used to pick the appropriate color

GIFSIZE : Program that changes the size of a GIF file to the nearest standard size, not changing the image in the GIF file but putting it in the middle of the screen (e.g. a 325 x 416 GIF file will be sized to 640 x 480 and the image will be in the middle of the screen) It is also possible to size a GIF file to a user specified size

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