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BLACKBOARD v1.0 - graphics drawing program with music/pics/txt

BLACKBOARD is for everyone who has something to say. If you can teach cooking, volleyball, lawn mower repair, trombone lessons, or even create a fanciful tutorial about the creatures of the planet Clark-7, you can create a disk that will be seen by hundreds of thousands of shareware users. Of course you can use it to create an in-house training disk or a retail product, too. BLACKBOARD was carefully designed to suit the largest possible audience using high-resolution CGA mode so that most IBM-compatibles can display your creations. It will work with VGA, EGA, CGA, Tandy, laptop and other computers. BLACKBOARD is a multi-media drawing program incorporating sound effects, music, pictures and text all in ASCII-VECTOR-GRAPHICS, so large amounts of information can be put on a single disk.

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