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Beyond Columns 1.1 - VGA Arcade Game

In this game, you control columns as they move down the screen, much like with Tetris. However, each column is composed of three different blocks and you make the columns dissolve by getting three blocks of the same color or design (your choice of several block designs is given) in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

To further complicate things, you can rearrange the blocks within the columns so that, for example, if a column on the bottom has two green blocks on top and the falling column has a green block in the middle, say, you can rotate the middle green block to the bottom of the column so that when it lands on the column with the two green blocks, there will be three green blocks in a row, causing them to dissolve. In our opinion, this program is a lot more difficult than Tetris. The Easy level drove us to a nervous breakdown.

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