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DiskTrak for Windows v2.41

DiskTrak for Windows was designed to provide a quick and easy method for keeping track of diskette collections. DiskTrak for Windows will allow you to easily create a database that contains a list of all your diskettes and the files and free space available on each one. Optionally, you can include a comment or description for each file on each diskette. Also, you can have DiskTrak for Windows extract the names of files stored inside ZIP, PAK, ARC, ZOO, and LZH archive files (and you can create comments for these files as well.) Then, anytime you want to locate the disk containing a particular file, simply enter the filename into DiskTrak for Windows and it will tell you the disk (or disks, if there are more than one) that holds the file you're looking for. If you don't know the complete name of the file, key in as much of it as you do know and DiskTrak for Windows will search its database for all disks containing any file that has the partial name you entered embedded in it. DiskTrak for Windows supports this same database search capability for disk names and file comments as well, so if you enter descriptive comments for your file names, DiskTrak for Windows allows you to find the file based on its comment.

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