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Japanese text tools

Create, edit Japanese kanji/kana text on MS-DOS computer. Print on laser, inkjet, or dot-matrix printer. Read, write 7- or 8-bit kanji/kana text online with Japanese BBS's/databases in Shift-JIS, New-JIS, Old-JIS, NEC-JIS, or EUC. Entirely revised version. Uploaded to CIS and GENIE by request of author Jan W. Stumpel. Use with deltaComm's Telix v. 3.11 - 3.20, Vernon D. Buerg's LIST.COM from v. 7.5i, and Datastorm's PROCOMM (but not PROCOMM PLUS). For upgrade from KDPLUS 3.2/JWRITE 1.6/KJIN 1.5, KDP4A.EXE is necessary, KDP4B.EXE is optional. New users also need KDP4C.EXE.

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