KEYCOPY Version 1.01 - record keystrokes

You use KEYCOPY to keep a record of any keyboard activity on your computer. This includes usage in Wordperfect 5.0,Multimate,Norton Editor. Keycopy copy's each keystroke to a buffer within the KEYCOPY program area. When the keycopy buffer has 200 keystrokes in memory, keycopy will copy the buffer to a file with a date and time stamp. The file default is c:\keycopy. You can specify drive,subdirectory and file name by having the parameter file called KC.PRM in the subdirectory where KEYCOPY is executed from. If you change the KC.PRM file and want the change to take effect with keycopy. The computer will have to be rebooted, and Keycopy executed again. Keycopy has been tested and used with DOS 3.3 and 4.0 and uses less than 3k of memory.

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