VGA Sharks v1.0

VGA SHARKS is an underwater action arcade game. You are the Frogman and your mission is to collect and study rare marine creatures from the bottom of the sea, while avoiding your dreadful foes. Well, it is not going to be easy. Of course you are armed with your trusty Stun-gun that tranquilizes your enemies for awhile, and you can always retreat into your Electrosonic base that repels the sharks, the raybats and the rest of your rivals. Your diving uniform is state of the art, but you can survive only a few shark bites, and it is useless against the deadly poison of the Killer-Jelly-fish.

This is not your typical " Shoot-them-up, Eat-the-Dots kind-of-game". Your enemies are crafty and independent, they surround you in clever formations and when you shoot at them from far away they are smart enough to avoid your shots. The program utilizes Coloumb's law of electrons and protons, Artificial Intelligence, Classic Animation techniques and stunning graphics to transform your computer screen into a realistic ocean floor.

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